Does Your AC Need Drain Repair?

Air Conditioning Drain Repair   Having the air conditioning drain repaired in your home is something that you need to have done at least once a year. The drain on your air conditioning is going to cause problems for your HVAC system. You must make sure that you are working with an HVAC contractor who


Fort Lauderdale Air Moisture Can Damage Your Home, Invest In A Dehumidifier to Save Costs Later

Most Floridians in Fort Lauderdale do not realize the need to protect your home from the damages of air moisture.
Fort Lauderdale’s local expert in air quality is ob欧宝体育棋牌 . Call us today at (954) 241-2523 to ask which dehumidifier model fits both your budget and need most. We offer professional and affordable installations so your investment will be a wise one.

AC Installations and Maintenance in South Florida

As any Ft Lauderdale, FL resident can attest to, the AC system in a home is vitally important.
It means comfort and habitability in a place where temperatures fluctuate by 10 or 20 degrees in the blink of an eye. The AC system in your Ft Lauderdale home needs to be top-notch because it needs to last a long time while providing year-long temperature control.

Air Duct Cleaning

It is important to keep your air ducts clean of debris, even if it’s not easily noticeable. Air ducts do exactly what they sound like they do, they move air. If you have dirt and dust inside an unclean air duct then those particles are continually cycling throughout your home. Many people don’t realize what they are breathing inside their own homes.

Air Quality Considerations

Several technologies exist nowadays to accommodate general health. One factor that affects the well-being is the quality of air. This needs to be accounted for in multiple settings—homes, schools and other public facilities that serve a numerous amount of traffic.

April: Love Your Air Conditioner Month

Mar 16, 2012 FACT: Most people are not aware of the fact that an air conditioner functions less effectively (by about five percent) without regular servicing each year. What I have learned after 43 years in the business is that a little loving care goes a long way— not only in a marriage but when


Benefits of a Whole House Dehumidifier

Oct 6, 2011 A home that is plagued with damp and humid conditions is a breeding ground for molds and mildew. Another common allergen in the form of dust mites also thrive in high humidity. Not only that, but it is an uncomfortable environment to live in on a daily basis. Having a whole house


The Most Modern HVAC Systems Available Today

Sep 28, 2011 The term HVAC is commonly used in the cooling and heating industry. It refers to "heating, ventilation, and air conditioning." The modern AC has undergone a great deal of changes in the last two decades. Heated air from a furnace or heat pump system or cooled air from an AC system is