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If you want to maximize your energy savings in your home as well as reduce the expenses of ac maintenance there are a few things you can do that will genuinely save you a significant amount of money on your power bill every month.

Weather-stripping is the sticky backed rubber stripping that goes around windows and doors. People don't seem to realize that this is one of the biggest places that air gets from the outside to the inside of your home, making your home hotter or colder depending on the season. Having old weatherstripping replaced in your home is easy and you'll save on your power bill more than it costs to have it done.

Caulking is another way that you can seal your home up and help cut down on your power bill. Again, around windows is one of the places that it can help the most. Additionally around holes in the floors or ceilings, where wiring comes through there's often a small area that will allow air to come up from under the house, in through walls, or down from the attic. These holes will cause much more of a draft than you might think in your home.

Sealing your house up will do great things for your energy savings. It will cost you a little bit up front to have it done, but imagine if you could save 20% on your energy bill every month. If your typical energy bill is $100, then that's a $20 savings every month and that kind of savings isn't unheard of once you get home properly sealed. Just a simple savings like that can result in $240 dollars a year in savings, so you can see how having this type of work done on your home can pay for itself quite quickly.

It's not just saving money on your power bill either. There's also the ac maintenance that has to be done on your system and the harder you work your system, the more you'll wind up spending on that maintenance. Another way to decrease how hard your ac has to work is making sure to replace the ac filter on a fairly regular basis. Most say that you should replace them every 30 days, but this can be determined by simply looking at your filter to see how dirty it is.