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Ft Lauderdale AC Tips

This is a question people ask primarily because of the cost of gas or electricity. Running a manual unit can make a room unnecessarily cold, and rack up a bill in the mean time. With an automatic air conditioner, it is a question of what temperature to set the unit to, since that determines how long it will run. More time means a bigger bill, but there is no reason for a person to suffer and swelter. It is a matter of budget and personal comfort. The more degrees above or below the outside temperature, the incrementally greater the bill, but a few degrees may be all that is necessary.

A second concern relates to AC service and repair. An older unit can break down if stressed too hard, because of wear to the parts or even the harsh draw on current. A low-income family, living in a trailer for instance, probably cold not afford a new unit or the price of AC service. Electricity is still much cheaper than equipment, and so the gains from efficiency might not stack up against the up-front cost. Families or individuals working with classic air conditioners wish to preserve them by not working them to death. Even if it does not fall apart, it will need more frequent maintenance by an AC service.

A solidly built unit can last for decades, although they can become clunky and inefficient due to age. It can be two thousand dollars for a new unit, which may or may not be worth the money depending on family budget. A new unit will retain its value if the property is sold, and may actually increase sales value since it is pre-installed. On the other hand, an old home may not be of interest to the housing market, and so the owner is stuck making to and playing for economy. An alternative to a new AC is to install additional insulation, or even cutting a back room off from circulation and using it for storage.

A further consideration for economy is that running an AC during the day is much more expensive than running it during the night, because that is when the house is hottest. Body heat adds to the sweat box, so it can be beneficial to be outside or elsewhere during the day, and turn the dial up. Shade from trees also lowers the cooling bill, so plant some shade trees. It is also possible to buy small units for each room and only run it in the room in use. This option does not require installation by an AC service.